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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Have you ever....?

taken from my sister Beccy...

Been out of the country? Well, I live out of the country, actually. My first trip abroad was alone, to Germany at 13. Since then I have been to France probably more than 25 times, Italy several times, worked in Sweden for a month, Spain, Holland, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Greece, through formerly Yugolslavia, The Maldives, Mexico (twice), Canada, Fiji (soon to be twice), Ireland many times, Austalia and, of course, the United States where I now reside.

Been in love? Yes

Gone Skydiving? No need for that

Climbed a mountain?
It was a mountain to me - you might have called it a hill.

Got fired?
No but I have been made redundant or laid off about 10 times.

Been promoted?

Rode a horse?
I don't want to talk about this.

Stay awake over 48 hrs? I have worked for more than 48 hours on the trot.

Graduated? Yes, BA (Hons) Communication Media Production.

Been on honor roll?
A what?

Caught a fire fly?

Eaten a bug?
Probably, without knowing in my salad. Oh - and there was the time dad forced me to eat the caterillars that accidentally got into the cauliflower cheese.

Been in a car wreck?
No, thank goodness.

Been in a fight? A girly cat fight, I guess. They started it.

Helped a friend?
Whenever I can.

Swam in the ocean?
Yes, the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Indian Ocean.

Swam with a dolphin?
Yes, one of the best things ever.

Been arrested? No.

Told a white lie? If I said no I'd be telling one!

Broken a bone? No - they're too precious to be breaking. I tore a ligament though and it took about 8 years to heal.

Played sports?
An early ambition of mine was to be a PE teacher.

Been divorced?
I'd have to get married first.

Sang in the shower?
I am more likely to sing in other places you wouldn't want to hear me.

Loved your life? I can't complain, it's done me ok so far.